Brickell Area Restaurant

Brickell is one of Miami’s most successful neighborhoods. The growing number of Brickell restaurants is a large indication of its massive potential. Anyone visiting or moving will find a diverse landscape of incredible establishments offering food ranging in different flavors and price points. Brickell is quickly becoming one of the greatest neighborhoods to eat in. Since 2014 Batch Gastropub strives to be the local go-to for gastropub fare in a relaxed, modern setting. Dinner and drinks should not be complicated; Batch Gastropub’s menu, atmosphere, and staff keep things fun and friendly, making is one of the most versatile Brickell restaurants.

Batch Gastropub offers great service and delicious food for lunch, dinner, late night, and brunch on weekends. Guests visiting Brickell restaurants demand excellent service and Batch Gastropub’s award-winning staff assures they are receiving just that. A private room is available for parties, happy hours, and corporate functions with a projector screen and versatile floor plan. Visitors are welcome with a warm and friendly smile and can enjoy their meal outdoors on the patio, at the new bar, or take their party to a tap table. Batch Gastropub can accommodate an array of requests that come from being a successful establishment among Brickell restaurants.

The tap tables at Batch make this restaurant particularly unique. You will never find anything else like it in the country, let alone the neighborhood- Batch Gastropub’s tap cocktails are made with fresh premium ingredients and tailored to taste delicious to anyone. Along with beer and well-regarded liquor brands tap cocktails can be enjoyed right from the tap at the guest’s table. No longer do they have to wait for their server and they can pour drinks themselves. This feature sets Batch apart from other Brickell restaurants and greatly enhances the dining experience.

On top of a creative drink program Batch Gastropub offers a seasonal menu with locally sourced ingredients like produce and fish. Desserts are baked in house and loved by guests. Gastropub fare is fun and suitable to a number of occasions. Whether a visitor is coming by for a date or to watch the game the menu serves to complement the event. Brickell restaurants offer a high level of quality and ingenuity and Batch’s menu is no exception. Pizzas are baked in a brick oven, salads are filled with flavorful ingredients and topped with homemade dressings, and meats are cooked to perfection through a sous vide. There is bound to be something made with love and care for everyone at Batch Gastropub that allows them to shine beyond the wide landscape of Brickell restaurants.